Our INTENT at BossStart is to share the stories of knowledgeable professionals and build a network where anyone can learn what goes into starting and maintaining an Independent business.

Our HOPE is to save you time, money, and years of learning the ‘hard way’.

Our DRIVE is for BossStart.com to become a ‘must read daily’ for those who share:

  •  A Passion for Business!
  •  A Passion to become their own Boss!
  •  A Passion to learn from others!

We’re sure that by reading BossStart you will be inspired to start your own business or become your own boss. Not just any business, but something that you are passionate about; something that keeps you up at night; something that you have always wanted to do! We want BossStart to give you the Jump Start to begin working on your passion project. We offer tools and advice from proven successes to aid in your continuous business adventure. Please feel free to jump in and contribute or even email some thoughts on our mission.

You can reach us by email at thebossstart@gmail.com










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