Attaining Wellness With The Help Of Dr. Stephanie Bien, D.O. And The Executive Med Club of Tampa

Dr. Stephanie Bien, D.O. is the founder of The Executive Med Club of Tampa. Sounds prestigious, right? It is. To be honest though, any business that aims at improving the quality of life for others is impressive to me. Dr. Biem is a standout. She’s been involved in medicine for over 30 years and recently decided to step out on her own to offer her self-developed proactive approach to healthy living and disease prevention. As the world of business is constantly evolving, so does the science of medicine. Some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs are those that accept and foster these evolutions for the betterment of people’s lives.

The Business Plan for Betterment

“I’m a physician with a medical practice that specializes in age management medicine. In particular, I focus on men’s health and age management issues. What we do is provide age management solutions that address those age-old questions of, ‘why am I tired, irritable, and gaining weight?’ Those are things that are often ignored in a traditional medical practice. I’ve decided to focus on men’s health because heart disease is the number one disease in this country and men are predominantly afflicted. I wanted to have a safe area, if you will. A place where you wouldn’t be afraid to see a doctor and discuss all the issues related to men’s health. My passion is to be seen as distinctive in the medical field; not just in men’s health, but in bringing about a real and truly customized wellness program where men are healthier. We focus on their goals and objectives first. That’s what sets me apart from most.”

As a physician, Dr. Bien explored the business idea with her occupational peers whom felt it was a great idea. Some of her friends even offered to be her first clients. The business grew from there.

“Being the doctor is the easy part, but coming up with a business plan, knowing how I would distinguish myself, and doing the planning – that wasn’t as easy. Actually I followed some advice of friends: I talked to people and wrote it down. Particularly, I wrote down a vision statement and a mission statement. That’s how I came up with my business plan. It took about 6 months to a year to write it all down.”

As with any bootstrapped venture, you can imagine the need for a great deal of thought and planning. Not to mention the fact that the medical profession is such a high profile field when you consider the 7-8 years, or even more, that it takes to earn a medical degree. Then there is the business side, the insurance, the emphasis on bedside manner, and the stress of carrying a practice solo. Dr. Bien was certainly no stranger to the fears of every entrepreneur.

I had some trepidations about going out on my own.

“I didn’t get loans. I started this practice while basically working another full time job. I was in emergency medicine at the time and I decided to take my savings and start with three patients. I opened a small office and I kind of grew the business as I had the money to grow it. Six months in, I hired the co-worker that actually helped motivate me to start my own business.”

“I remember being a physician working for a corporate hospital and for other physicians, and I would say, ‘We should try this idea.’ I was very creative. I would read some innovative practices of people trying different things and I would suggest we try out them out. Of course nobody wanted to listen to my ideas. At one point one of the other employees who was working for the same company said, ‘You know what Dr. Bien, if you ever open your own practice I wanna come work for you.’ That got me thinking, ‘Why don’t I do that?’ I took that leap of faith.”

“My philosophy is: that we provide great customer service and with great communication skills and we make a difference in each other’s lives. This applies to my vendors, clients, and my one employee. I’ve now been in business about a year.”

Men’s Health

Dr. Bien isn’t sure why it is that men can be too stubborn or uncomfortable to go to the doctor but states she has a way of making men feel comfortable.

“I think sometimes talking to a woman is a little more comforting for men as opposed to talking to a male physician. I’ve heard men say they just wouldn’t tell a man certain things. They can talk to me about the most intimate details of their health and then once they get past that barrier, things happen and they get healthy.”

“I think we offer quite a unique service. Our primary focus is on the client and what they want to work on in terms of their health and their body. The top three complaints are the fatigue factor, the loss of energy, and the weight gain. They just sense some changes in their body. We help them get their energy back within the first few weeks and even help them lose a little bit of weight. We do it through nutrition and exercise and through DNA testing. There is a company in California that will specifically match your DNA with what type of diet you should be on. We generally teach a low glycemic way of eating (which is a low sugar/low carb diet) but the DNA test that we came across helps people stay on their right program. We look at hormones, we look at supplements – we actually can measure how many vitamins are deficient in their body. Then we look at psychological factors. I have a psychologist I work with that will address some things that are stopping clients from having good health. We look at how you sleep, how you eat, how you exercise, and how you manage stress, and we put that all together in a package, which is customized for each person. I review their labs with them and we provide a follow up at 2 weeks and again at 4 weeks mainly to ensure success. They should be getting some results in that 4-week period. We follow with them closely to make sure that they understand all of the information that we’re giving them.”

“I love that part of being challenged by something that doesn’t work right. I love the creative part of this even though it doesn’t sound like I’m being an artist. In a way it’s the art of medicine. I think there’s some creativity there. It’s about how can I make a difference in people’s lives and finding what does work right for them.”

When doing what you love is helping people live a better life, it’s only natural that you would want to spread that as far and wide as possible.

“Long term: I’d like to use what I’m doing, in terms of preventative care, as a blue print for what to do in every practice. I would like to keep people healthy and reverse the trends we’re seeing now: the obesity and diabetes. It’s all within our reach and is certainly manageable if you give people the right tools.”

Doc’s Advice:

“Don’t be afraid. Well, you can be afraid but be ok with being afraid. It’s ok to go out on your own. It’s a little bit scary and you’re not really sure if it’ll work, but be ok with failure. If it doesn’t work, you’ll learn something valuable. Be all right with making mistakes – learn from them and go in a different direction. Get lots of advice from people you value. They’ll give you some great ideas.”

“Have fun. Stay with your passion. Always stay committed to why you’re doing what it is that you’re doing. It’s all about having fun and making a difference for others.”

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