Becoming An Entrepreneur: Never Quit

You`re sitting in your cubical, behind your cash register, or behind the wheel of your car on your way to another sales appointment and your mind wanders back to your dream. What dream you ask? You know, the dream that is buried deep down in your heart and soul—the dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Most people dream of owning their own business, but only a few really step out and take on the task of creating their dream. There is always one more distraction and one more issue, and they say to themselves– “If I can just get past this or that, I will start my own business.”

The truth is that it will never get easier, the distractions will never go away, and in this economy, it will always be a risk; however, it is doable and you should follow your gut because you only have one life. I remember the headline of an old show—“This is your life.” I think of it often because an old friend of mine who was successful used to tell me that all the time when I had a job and was dreaming of owning my own business. He gave me the same speech over and over again—this is your life, this is not a warm up act, it`s now or never. I had a cushy job with Georgia Power Company in the mid 1990`s but I was so unhappy and unfulfilled. My wife was determined to keep that ball and chain around my foot because she loved the security of that income; however, I had something inside of me that had to be set free. I dreamed of becoming a self-employed, self-made man.

Having said all that, what is the path to entrepreneurship? What is the best way to step out? What are some reasonable and solid first steps? There are a multitude of answers to these questions but I will give you my best advice based on my own experience.

Number One:

Decide what it is that you dream of doing. You may have several ideas but you must focus on only one of them—the others are a distraction. No matter what that may be–there is a way to present it and accomplish it in ways that no one else can but you. You have a unique talent inside of you that no one else has—you must believe that.

Number Two:

Find a mentor. This is a vital step. Even if you have a one-of-a-kind widget that no one else has ever marketed before, someone else has been there. Someone else has had to walk that path. Find a mentor that you can copy, emulate, and look up to for your pathway to the dream. Most successful people are glad to give advice, or, glad to mentor someone who is trying to follow a dream. Dreamers respect other dreamers.

Number Three:

Don`t listen to the other crabs in the bucket. There is an old story about crab fisherman. The story says that they don`t need to put a lid on the bucket they store their crabs in because the other crabs pull each other back into the bucket. Every time a crab starts to climb out of the bucket, the other crabs grab his leg and pull him back into the bucket and stop his escape. This is true of those around you in your life. Most people are afraid to step out of the normal routine in life—a job. If you go around telling others of your plans do not expect a lot of support.

Number Four:

Believe! You have to believe, and you cannot afford to allow anyone or anything to steal your dream!

There are many other stepping stones of advice that one could give, however, these four are the basic foundations that must be set in place if you are to succeed in your new adventure. This is what makes America great—we have the freedom to succeed–or fail, but failure is nothing more than an experience on the way to success for those who never quit!


About the Author: William Power

William Power is the author of "Voices from the Heart".

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