Book Review: ‘The Radical Leap’ By Steve Farber

“The Radical Leap” is a reflection of profound leadership. As you continue to pursue your passion project remain focused on the contribution you make to others and to the surrounding community. In “Radical Leap”, Steve Farber, a former Vice President with the Tom Peters Company, shows you how to energize and lead people and how to connect with the market place while you pursue your dream.







The best part about Faber’s work – he uses parables to get his point across. In this book, you’ll hear about an encounter between Steve and a surfer named Edg. This encounter kick-starts a journey that leads you to the following key points:

Cultivate Love (come to realize the true power of connecting with your passion and what this can mean for others around you)

Generate Energy (you’ll want to find out how to be a “generator” of power – make sure to read this section!)

Inspire Audacity (boldly and blantantly serve the common good – don’t settle for normal)

Provide Proof (I can’t do this section justice! Align words with actions, celebrate failures, commit to proof)
BossStart wants you to take a leap, a Radical Leap! Check this book out, we think it qualifies for inspiration to become your own boss.
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