Boost Your Business By Renting

There are a million and one things to think about when you’re starting up or running a business, but one of the most important aspects is where your venture is based. If you’re a one-man band then the option of home working is always a cost effective means of getting started, but increasingly, small business owners are finding it much more practical to rent desk or office space. After all, there is currently a wealth of it available due to the economic climate, which has seen landlords keen to maximise profits from their otherwise dead space.

Alongside being financially prudent, renting a desk or office is remarkably easy to do thanks to the internet, which allows you to search out relevant locations that fit the bill in just a few clicks of your mouse. Going down this route certainly beats buying a business premises and, because you’re renting, all of the administrative upkeep is handled by the landlord. This is an instant boon for productivity while it also means that you can get state of the art office space with the minimum of hassle.

On The Up

If you’ve got a business that needs to expand then the benefits of renting office space are clear; you can add extra desks or office areas as you require them. An obvious plus point is that you can find this sort of space in prime locations, such as city centre areas or high-tech business parks. That will instantly give your business an extra seal of credibility and an established postcode that will prove appealing to prospective new customers and clients.

Even if you’re only needing a simple desk then the rental option will get you very decent facilities, including high-speed internet, along with basic workspace amenities. If you’re going for the more sophisticated option, which is renting shared office space or a dedicated office of your own then look out for offers on the likes of managed space that includes receptionists, post and IT support.

Flexible And Convenient

The other big benefit with renting office space is that it’s incredibly flexible and convenient, because the general way office or desk space rental works is that contracts are short-term and on a rolling basis. This means that you don’t get locked into a deal for years on end, and it gives you the freedom to either move on or expand whenever the need arises. Many new businesses need to keep a firm eye on their finances and at a point when every penny counts it’s definitely a great idea to consider the rental options that are available.

There’s certainly no shortage of rental space options out there and thanks to the internet it’s now easier than ever to find it. So, if you fancy plush new surroundings for your small business, but also want to get maximum value, then going down the avenue of desk and office rental is clearly the way forward. What’s more, it may just be a lot cheaper than you were expecting.

About the author: Louis Watson writes on behalf of, the UK’s first proper online marketplace for desk space and shared office space.

About the Author: Louis Watson

Louis Watson writes on behalf of Office Genie, The office space search engine for small businesses.

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