Entrepreneurial Swagger? Do You Have It? Take Our Test!

Are we seriously asking you a question about Entrepreneurial Swagger?? You bet we are!

For those of you born before 1999, let’s clearly define “swagger”: a very confident and sometimes arrogant or aggressive style.

Now wait a minute, some of these words don’t sound popular in our society. We tend to think of arrogant and aggressive people as annoying and problematic. While that may be true at first glance, we want you to review the definition of “swagger” relative to the concept of being “very confident”. Like most readers, you’re likely saying, “Now confident, I want some of that – but arrogant and aggressive – I’m not really sure”.

BossStart wants to change your paradigm on this subject. We want you to come to embrace – no wait – we want you to CHASE the attributes of arrogant and aggressive. That’s right, we want you to be arrogant and aggressive – we just want you to be “very confident” first. We believe effective “swagger” is the result of great confidence; which tends to be demonstrated with some degree of arrogance and aggression.

Let’s reflect on some famous people who most would agree possess “swagger”:

  • Donald Trump
  • LeBron James
  • Justin Bieber
  • Al Pacino
  • Steve Jobs

You could identify several folks in your community and countless stars, athletes, and musicians who possess “swagger”. When you reflect on these people, confidence certainly comes to mind – as does arrogance and aggression. So it’s okay – CHASE it – apply it to your business!!

That being said, how do we apply “swagger” to your business? First, let’s offer a clear definition of “Entrepreneurial Swagger (ES): a person who demonstrates a great deal of earned confidence, and sometimes arrogance and aggressiveness, while inspiring, operating and managing a business with inherent risk. Yeah. We just defined ‘ES’.

Next, let’s see how a few statements apply to you as you assess your ES:

  1. I’ve been operating my business for several years.
  2. I had years of related experience prior to owning my business.
  3. I had/have a mentor in this business.
  4. Overall, I’d say my business has been successful.
  5. Other business leaders look to me for advice.
  6. I have or am currently mentoring 1 or more people.
  7. I tend to “live” my business.
  8. I don’t spend too much time worrying, because “I got this”.
  9. I have a high degree of repeat and word-of-mouth business.

In reality, some people will walk around feeling full of ES when in fact – the facts and the market place simply doesn’t support it. In those instances – they’re full of “BS” – and that’s not going to help you with your business. We’d always encourage a great deal of confidence – but only when earned!! You see, ES is validated by your customers and fellow entrepreneurs.  Now go prove it – go get your Swag on!

About the Author: Jacob Ballard

Jacob is an Entrepreneur. He is the Co-Founder of BossStart and also operates the web-based business iWebXpert.com. He has a degree in Marketing from USF in Tampa, FL. Jacob uses his experience from founding numerous businesses to enhance the entrepreneurial adventures of BossStart readers.

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