Entrepreneurship In The Digital Age

Much of life has changed with the advent of the internet, and entrepreneurship is no different. Some of the changes have been negative, but on the whole today’s entrepreneurs have more resources at their fingertips than ever before. Describing the new paradigm in full would take thousands of words and many volumes, but there are a few areas where the changes are drastic and have far reaching implications. If you’re a budding entrepreneur, take a look at some of the changes below to get an idea of how the internet can help you make your goals a reality.

Digital Business

The internet made many tools available to traditional entrepreneurs (more on that later) but it also opened up an entirely new place to do business. Think about the internet giants like Google and Facebook and you’ll get an idea of what the implications are. Some of the biggest companies out there today are doing all of their business on the web. In fact, the business models wouldn’t even exist without the internet.

You don’t have to be a huge corporation to make it in internet business. Ecommerce is available to anyone with a product, an online storefront, and a shipping account. Likewise, there are many entrepreneurs providing online services that wouldn’t be necessary without the web. Entrepreneurs now have a huge new playground to explore and take on with the internet.

Advanced Marketing

Imagine going back in time a few decades. How do you reach out to potential and current customers? The answer then would have been fairly simple: You would use the mail, print media, and broadcast media. That was about it. Can you imagine working in the same space today? You would be missing out on huge opportunities.

Today, the internet gives you the ability to reach out directly to customers. Whether it’s through email marketing, display advertising, pay per click, social media, content creation, or something altogether new, you have unprecedented access to customers. Not only that, you now have extremely precise tools to track behavior and the efficacy of one strategy over another. Marketing in the digital age is a powerful tool indeed.


Perhaps the hardest part about entrepreneurship in the past was something entirely out of your control. Oftentimes, the entrepreneurs of the past had no choice but to play by the rules that coincidence happened to choose. For example, you might have been an amazing salesperson without a lick of knowledge about managing manufacturing operations. Depending on the situation, your entrepreneurial success, or lack thereof, would depend on your ability to find someone who could help you in the areas you were lacking.

Today, you have access to everyone with an internet connection. The tools for finding a co-founder and the right team for the job have never been more accessible. It still isn’t easy, but at least now it isn’t impossible. Today’s world is full of businesses founded by people who might have been perfect strangers in the past.

The entrepreneurs of the digital age look quite a bit different than their counterparts from just a few years ago. Fortunately, the internet has made entrepreneurship a much more accessible and exciting venture for all.

About The Author:

Carolyn is a guest blogger on the topics of entrepreneurship and digital business. She is an expert on order management systems that work in concert with Shopify, 3dcart, and BigCommerce.

About the Author:

This post was written by www.bossstart.com.

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