Getting your Business Online

Interested in getting your business online?

How about simply creating a website for your already existing business?

Why not a Re-design or a Re-vamping of your current site to help update your image and let people know that you are keeping up with this “online stuff “?

There are many reasons to create & maintain a website for your business. If you don’t already have one, I can guarantee that your competition does, or will soon!

Having a website is basically FREE advertising! (Other than the minimal costs of building a website and maintaining a HOST)

  • It’s an easy setup to transfer a portion of your business to the web. NO MORE CLOSING SHOP or TURNING AWAY CUSTOMERS who are willing/want to buy from you. Having a website allows you to be open 24/7, 365 days a year!
  • Set up a blog! Blogging is an extremely effective way to show customers in your market that you are an Expert. This leads to trust, which creates leads, which generates SALES!
  • Finally… I bet the last time you wanted to learn something about a company or product, you googled it. Start your website no later than today if you don’t already have one.  If you DO have a website, spending a little time and money making sure that your site is as “Search Engine Friendly” as possible could bring tremendous returns. With costs as little as $200 – $300 which you should MAKE IT A GOAL TO BE ON THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE SEARCHES FOR YOUR PARTICULAR BUSINESS NICHE.


So what Next??? Glad you asked!!! can HELP! We’ll help with Development, Design, or Consulting on an online marketing strategy. With specific questions geared towards certain types of industry specific businesses, we know what IS WORKING and what IS NOT WORKING online. Feel free to shoot us an email for a brief consultation, or even just simply to ask us a question. We love to meet new people and share ideas! Send us an email or dial us in at (828) 738-5081



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