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If you’re a freelancer or one-man business then it’s highly probable that you have no intention of even considering a desk space rental option. After all, many people who work on their own and for themselves are perfectly happy to do it in the confines of a home-based situation.

If you’ve got a spare bedroom, study or even a garage space that can act as your office then it does make sound financial sense to run things from there. Thanks to modern technology and a wealth of mobile gadgets, it’s basically possible to run a business from just about anywhere.

Time To Change

Working from home may have its benefits, however it can be quite a solitary experience. If you’re in business and like to network, which is after all, one of the best ways to bring in new business, then it may be time to start considering the desk space rental options that are out there.

Desk space rental is becoming increasingly popular with all sorts of professional people, including one-man start-ups and freelancers in particular and it’s not hard to see why. For starters, it can be very cheap to rent a desk in an office that’s already up and running. Contracts are generally short-term, flexible and on a rolling basis too.

On The Cheap

Aside from the low overheads involved in desk space rental options, it’s the extra benefits to your business that is making it so appealing to many. An obvious boon for your venture is that many of these desk space areas are found in either city centre or bespoke business park locations. That instantly adds value and puts a prestigious face to your business, no matter how small it may be.

Of course, being in an office opens up all sort of new possibilities but also brings the benefits of a decent desk, basic utilities and also high-speed broadband in most cases. If you need more space, it’s also quick and easy to add another or even several on to your working area. Your landlord takes care of all the upkeep too, so you won’t have to worry about that aspect of things at all.

The Way Ahead

Renting a desk can make good sense if you’re finding that working from home has its up as and downs. One thing that homeworkers often find is that there can be interruptions from family, which is often nice but a bit of an obstacle to getting a full days work done. So renting a desk in an office complex can be really conducive to productivity.

It also allows you to separate work from downtime too, which is another area that freelancers and people who work from home can often find problematical. Being able to get up at the end of the working day and also leave the cleaning up to someone else, means that renting a desk in an office is not only cheap – it’s also hugely practical. Plus, you’re in a great position to move on whenever you want, thanks to those short-term contracts.

About The Author: Louis Watson¬†writes on behalf of, the UK’s first proper online marketplace for desk space and shared office space.

About the Author: Louis Watson

Louis Watson writes on behalf of Office Genie, The office space search engine for small businesses.

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