The 5-10-8-3 Principle

Are you using the 5-10-8-3 principle to help run your business?

Wow – is it just me or have you noticed how advice is flying at us in the form of  “5 easy steps”, “10 must-do practices”, “8 mistakes you can’t afford to make”, and “3 ways to get rich quick”…..

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting this form of advice is bad. In many instances, the recommendations might prove rather helpful.

For example, one recent posting suggested entrepreneurs avoid these “5 dreadful mistakes”:

– Not putting your profits back in your business

– Not having a business plan

– Not having a marketing plan

– Not having a schedule for everything

– Being just average

Another recent posting offered a different set of top entrepreneurial mistakes, ranging from “avoid trying to get rich quick” to “avoid cutting prices”. Oddly,  if you click long enough, you’re bound to run across an additional set of 3 easy steps that help you “get rich quick” by “cutting prices”…..

Here’s where can help! We’re not advocating for a one-size fits all set of practices to elevate your business. Instead, we encourage you to explore the wisdom of others (as featured in our interviews) and find a path that best fits you’re dream project. The 3 easy steps that worked for one entrepreneur may not be the same 3 steps you need to follow. Seek wisdom but blaze your own path!

About the Author: Jacob Ballard

Jacob is an Entrepreneur. He is the Co-Founder of BossStart and also operates the web-based business He has a degree in Marketing from USF in Tampa, FL. Jacob uses his experience from founding numerous businesses to enhance the entrepreneurial adventures of BossStart readers.

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