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Social Media is a beast and it’s obviously here to stay. Some feel that its bombarding effects are diluting the effectiveness of marketing/advertising on the internet. Some feel that Social Media IS marketing/advertising on the net. In any case, those who refuse to embrace it as a necessary tool in business will undoubtedly suffer the consequences and surely be left in the dust.

One company that appreciates and runs with this newer idea of social media is They blog, Facebook, Twitter, and post Youtube videos everyday – all while wearing the days sponsoring company’s logo/brand on a t-shirt; hence: I-Wear-Your-T-Shirt.

“The whole point of what we’re doing is two-fold. One is the humanistic touch on advertising. Everyone can agree that you’re looking at billboards, you’re looking at a newspaper, you’re looking at magazine ads and you flip right past them – you don’t pay any attention. We have a community of people that are coming to view the companies that we’re talking about. That’s because we’re people, because we have giveaways, and because we put our own real touch on it. And the second part of why people/companies advertise on iwearyourshirt is because the pricing model is so ridiculously affordable for companies.”

Wearing t-shirts for a living? Really? That’s about six shades of awesome. Jason Sadler, who created this business, is very proud of the exposure he brings to his customers.

“10,000 page views a day. To me it’s not about that kind of stuff. To me it’s about how engaged people are. If we do giveaways in exchange for commenting on a blog post, we’ll get 100 comments. That’s huge. You don’t see a lot of blogs getting hundreds of comments – even with twice the readership that we have.”

Wear It Came From

“I said, ‘You know, why wouldn’t companies want to have someone speaking on their behalf like a spokesperson or something? Someone who’s fun, and has personality and is interesting?’ I thought, ‘I could be that guy.’ I thought to myself, ‘I should put myself out there, but what’s the hook?  Why would anybody watch this?’ So I thought of t-shirts. Every single company makes t-shirts in some shape or fashion – whether they give them away, whether they just have them for themselves, or whether they actually use them for promotion. So I put it all together as a unique kind of package of wearing t-shirts and using social media to promote these companies to see what would happen.”

“This year it’s five people wearing shirts. We all make Youtube videos, we all take photos (all for the same company) each day wearing the same shirt and then we do three hours of live video in the afternoon from 2-5PM EST. Everyone has a half hour show except for me. I’ve had an hour show at 3PM EST for the last two years. I’m almost going on 800 straight days of doing an hour live show. It has been quite a wild ride. Live video is a very interesting animal but a lot of fun too. I travel about two weeks a month now for speaking engagements, to meet with sponsors. I feel like I’m telling stories every single day of these awesome companies. It’s great to give them an opportunity, for $1000, to potentially get seen by hundreds of thousands of people.”

“I had great feedback from the start. Didn’t incorporate – didn’t do anything. Literally just bought the website – bought about 10 different domains – we whipped up a website through my design company at the time, ordered some t-shirts that had my logo on them, and just got started. I started putting tweets out there – trying to get into conversations. I got my name out there and landed a New York Times piece, which was awesome. I just kept on rolling and by Jan 1st I had 5 ½ months sold already in 2009.”

“We also sell monthly sponsors at $5000 apiece. Right now we only have 4 left for the rest of this year. I think it’s the best value for what we sell in terms of eyeballs. You can’t really buy that many eyeballs on a logo anywhere else. We also have proud partnerships. We’re talking to Jocky, a shoe company, a music company, and these are longer term full year deals that we fit in as sponsors – like a sponsored athlete.”

The Crew

From one, to two, and now five people as part of the crew, we asked Jason to tell us about the kind of person it takes to be an online spokesperson for a different company every day, and how he went about finding those people.

“For 2011 we put up a hiring process in the form of a Youtube video submission. So you filmed a video of yourself. You told us why you look good in t-shirts, why you want to work for, what advertising via social media means to you, just something fun. We had about 120 video submissions – which is a lot considering each video was about 3 minutes long – and we had over half a million views to all the videos that were submitted. We also had about 40,000 comments on all the videos that were submitted for people wanting to get hired. It was just an awesome, crazy process and we handpicked one person each month (Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec) of last year to be the next shirt wearers. Not your typical hiring process – a video resume is very different from a written resume. We did a lot of soul searching and I think we found a really great crew in DeAndre, Angela, Amber, and Neil.”

One of the things for me was their appreciation for what we do. To understand social media is a great thing for business – and to be creative and be able to represent the sponsor really well.

T-Shirt For Hire

“A lot of companies come to us and say, ‘I don’t do social media stuff. How is this going to help me?’ I say: ‘This is your way in. This is your way to get started.’ There aren’t many places you can go that will give you five videos and introduce your brand to a couple hundred thousand people. It’s an easy start. Even if you only get 20 new followers, those followers may absolutely love what you’ll do and they’ll share what you do with their friends and it will grow from there.

Jason talked with us about what he enjoys in being his own boss:

“Well yesterday I wore fleece pants all day and that was kind of nice. I didn’t have to get dressed and go anywhere or do anything. In all seriousness though, I make every decision that’s going to help make or break my company and I like having that power:  to know that if I work harder, this company is only going to get better. The more I put into it the more I’ll get out of it. And I think that’s awesome. Also we get such great feedback. 80-90% of our sponsors are so happy with the content we create.”

“It’s all our amazing sponsors and those people that really believe in what we do. We’ve worked with some amazing brands: Nissan, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Buzz Aldrin. The future of advertising is a humanistic brand. We’re creating another medium for advertising.”

Throughout our interview with Jason, he gave our readers several pieces of great advice – They might even work nicely on a T-shirt themselves.

“As an entrepreneur you really have to be flexible and you have to understand that in 6 months things could be really different. You could be closing your doors. This economy is very finicky when it comes to spending money.”

My personal mantra is: Focus more; Do less. Focus on one idea that you really are passionate about and stop doing 20 other things to see what works best.

“Nothing is an overnight success. It takes a lot of work and you have to keep putting in the time. If it was easy, everybody else would be doing it.”

You’ve got to stay ahead of the curve if you can. Keep your eyes open as new things come along.

Lastly, and in good form a la social media, Jason offered our readers this opportunity:

Tweet ‘Zebra Ankle’ at me and ill pick some of you to send iwearyourshirt t-shirts to. I encourage you guys to say hello and ask me questions.

To learn more about Jason Sadler &, please visit:






About the Author: Daniel Ballard

Daniel is a Writer and Entrepreneur. He is Co-Founder/Main Author/Editor of BossStart and Co-Editor/Featured Author for BossStart's sister site, PauseStart, launching early 2012

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