Tools and Tips

Buying a Domain

Godaddy – the largest domain registrar in the world. Everything you need to buy your domain name.
World’s Largest Registrar –

Hosting your Website –’s favorite) friendly and immediate 24 hour customer service. Easy integration for WordPress setup. Great prices. – Another reasonably priced host with excellent customer service and support. Easy integration for wordpress as well.
To learn more about why your business needs a website, click here (

Creating a Design

WordPress: One of the most popular platforms for most websites on the internet. With close to 14 million downloads and thousands of “themes” to make your site look unique. is using wordpress so you know its good.Premium WordPress Themes Woo-Themes.

Email Subscriptions/Marketing

Aweber : Best email marketing option out. Easy to use. Sign up for just $1. Grow your business and and create relationships with email marketing.

Create template email newsletters, follow up auto-responders and “expert customer support” . Tell them BossStart sent you

Try AWeber’s Email Marketing Tool Risk-Free

Advertising/Make money on your website : Easiest and most used way to start making money on your website. The process is simple; Google uses key words from your site to relate advertisements to display specifically related to your site. Definitely the way to go for beginners. Feel free to shoot us an email for some advice.



Facebook for your Business: there are many benefits for having a Facebook page for your business, to name a few: Branding, customer engagement, drive traffic to your website, and most importantly Viral marketing. Feel free to ask us about designing a business page for your Facebook.
Twitter for your Business: Like Facebook, twitter can also be Viral. Twitter is a great platform to spread and deliver important information to your audience instantly.
To learn more about social networking for your business, click HERE (


Outsourcing Work

Elance: Hire a freelance for just about anything you can imagine.
99 Designs – This is a unique website that you can use if you need a logo design. It’s in a contest format. You submit the description of what you want, and designers will compete against each other to win money.
Odesk – Hire, manage and run a team as if everyone were in your own office. Great way to outsource work if needed. Worldwide staffing.
Find OpenSocial Developers on oDesk


Legal & Inc. your Business

Legalzoom: Everything you need to Inc. your business, get a patent and copyright.

Books to Read

The Four Hour Workweek; by Tim Ferris A must read for all entrepreneurs. Talks about escaping the 9-5 five and why you should do it.
6 pixels of separation: by Mitch Joel A great book for anyone looking to get into building a network online.
Start your own business: (the only startup book you’ll ever need) Hundreds of Resources on how to start a business from uncovering financing opportunities to business plan and successful marketing tips.


Websites to Read

Inc.comFast CompanyEntrepreneur.comClick Here for a list of Entrepreneurs that we have Interviewed (



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